Limited Release Collars

There are no current Limite Release Collars Available.

Made To Order Collars

Made to Order collars are existing designs that will be posted to the site and will be made to order. Custom colors and options, but no changes to the design setup. A link to these collars will be added once there are collars available to purchase!

NOTE: I’ve postponed adding these to the website until my turn arounds are lower. Until then you can order Made To Order collars of existing designs by grabbing spots on my Facebook Group Page. These spots are first come first serve and are limited. I will announce these on my Facebook Group page and am aiming to post one of these sales every 1-2 weeks. This way I can control new orders to have less orders coming in than are shipping and eventually reduce turn around times.

Ready To Ship Collars

Next Ready to ship sale will be announced on our Facebook Group page!

Custom Collars

Custom Collars are designs never before seen and allow free reign to the customer.
Custom Order Collars will be released on the Squeaky Egg Collars Facebook Group as there is availability. There are

Mystery Collar Boxes

Mystery Collar boxes are limited offer boxes that include a set but flexible number of items and sometimes a flexible theme. This is how we come up and try out new designs.
Mystery Collar Boxes are released at random times in the Squeaky Egg Collars Group.