Thanks for your interest! I will contact those who have sent applications one at a time.

Hello! I am looking for a few people who are in the public’s eye to help spread the word for Squeaky Egg Collars.

The Squeaky Egg has been around for over 10 years, but we’ve just added the collars recently. We are looking for a select group of individuals to help us expand our reach. Collars on dogs are always so pretty! We use interchangeable panels in addition to using quality materials. This is a huge marketing point, but it can be hard to explain sometimes. So we are looking to use word of mouth to help us.

Here’s the deal. Fill out the below form and this qualifies you for 1 full collar at 50% off.A full collar means 1 base and 1 panel. I am not currently setting restrictions on what the collar is besides it cannot be a custom design (needs to be something others can purchase).I’ll send you a referral code for around 5-10% off that you can encourage others to use. As others use the code, I will be able to see and track how many use it. If you can get a bunch of people to use your code, I will partially or fully refund the cost you spent on the original collar.I have not set a dollar amount goal, it will depend on how well the promotions go.

Next, if I see you getting a good amount of sales/referrals I will work with you to send you more items to show off. I am planning to do a bunch of holiday promotions and will expect to send off panels like these regularly to those with the best referral numbers.If I don’t see enough sales from the promotions, I will consider the transaction complete after the first collar. You will be welcome to continue using the referral code and reapply at a later date. I am hoping to have 5-10 sponsorships continuing after the introductory period.

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Rules and Restrictions.

I will be cutting off this application when I feel I have enough applicants

Please don’t fill out the application unless you are ok with paying the 50% for the first collar.

I am not guaranteeing a refund, it will be dependent on how many use your coupon code.

DO NOT SPAM. This is very important. Heavy spamming will get you removed from the program without the ability to rejoin. Please review rules of all groups.

Currently the website only has a few collar options available, however I will be working on adding more while I also work on the collar to send to the newly sponsored.

My current collar turn around is 2-6 weeks depending on the style and materials that may need ordered.

To order your collar, please find the Squeaky Egg Collars Facebook group, join it if you haven’t already. And PM me, the admin. Diane Bollinger.

You may use the coupon code yourself to order new items. This doesn’t hurt your referral count.

I will chose the items that may be given out later, but you can certainly discuss what you do/do not like or what may be most useful for promotions.

Referral code can be used across the Squeaky Egg website and I can send more than just collars. It’s easier to start with the collars.

I reserve the right to adjust the terms as the sponsorship promotion evolves.

For any questions, you can always email me at [email protected]