Wait List for Custom Designed items (t-shirts, crate tags, etc)

At this time, custom requests are being moved to a wait list. While I love working on unique ideas and don’t want to dissuade anyone from ordering them. I have been struggling with good time estimates because of the randomness of receiving the custom requests and the variety of each project. To keep the workflow easier to manage I am moving to a wait list. When I start to catch up on custom orders I will send out emails and invoices based on the information below. Changes and updates to the request can be made before payment, but I do not start on the design aspect until payment is received. At this time I am allowing requests for Holiday gifts but am not asking for payment unless I think I can meet the deadline.

Include the design ideas, what items you are interested in, and any specifics such as dog's name. This will help process an invoice when I am ready to start your order. You may also request I contact you when you are up on the wait list and I can get the information then.


Maximum size 10MB

Doesn't mean I can do it by then, but helps with prioritizing, please put the date in the description box if there is a specific date. (No custom orders will be ready by the 2018 Holidays.)

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