Emergency Crate Tag Info Submission Page

This page is for those who purchase Emergency Crate Tags from me in person or for those who purchase this tags as gifts. Please fill this form out and hit submit when ready. You will receive a copy of the submission in case you have any questions or need to make corrections. I do not send a proof of the tags unless requested, this is so they ship out faster.
Please note, the more information included, the smaller the text will be. This list is to help include important information, but you are free to include or not include what you like. the less information, the larger I can make the information and the faster it will be to read in an emergency.
Photos can be uploaded here, I suggest using a vertical photo as it works best with the template, if you submit a photo that doesn’t fit the template, I will make it work, but I won’t send a proof unless it was discussed, so please expect some variation on the template if that happens. I work to make the tag as useful and legible as possible.


Maximum size 10MB

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