Frequently Asked Questions

Updated as of September 6th, 2019

When will my items ship?

Squeaky Egg is a one person operation which means we are not perfect when it comes to shipping on time. Currently I am shipping items 2 to 3 weeks after purchase. Longer for specialty items such as Cutouts, 3D photos, Emergency Crate tags, or anything requiring a proof before printing/cutting. Ribbon holders only sometimes take longer as I cut the blanks in house and have to cut more if I run out. If you have a deadline or a question about your order, feel free to send us an email at [email protected]

I’m having issues placing an order or getting a discount. How can I get help?

Please email [email protected] for help or message us on our facebook page: We’ll do our best to help you!

I need to order a crate tag or title charm style and don’t see it listed, how can I order?

All crate tag designs can be ordered in all items using the Quick Order page. This is also where all the ribbon holders currently are. Until we are able to hire additional help/train them, our website will be a bit behind. We try our best, but try to put more time into making your order or creating unique items and with luck the website will be worked on soon.

Where can I see all the design options?

At this time, the most up to date location to view crate tag designs and the backgrounds used for our other items is here:

I placed a second order, can I combine shipping?

Yes, please include a note in our order or send us an email, if the order has not been shipped yet, we can combine shipping and refund overages.

I don’t see my dog breed, do you have more designs?

I have not had a chance to post every breed, to make up for that I have the following page that includes customizable designs. Just type in your breed and we will create a design for you. These will not be proofed, so if you want to see the design before I print them, please ask! ‎

Can you customize items?

Yes! I can certainly create something custom for you, but at this time I have a wait list. Please use this form to join the wait list and I will contact you when you order comes up.

Do you offer fundraisers?

I have a few fundraiser options such as team shirts and occasionally I will run Fundraiser Fridays for select reasons. Feel free to email me to find out more. [email protected]    

I got a tracking notification but my package hasn’t been scanned yet, what’s the deal?

When I print your packing slip you will get an email notification. The notification will include the tracking number. I typically ship items between 1 to 7 days after printing the labels, this typically includes the time to receive out of stock items or fix mistakes during printing. I am working on a systems that will mean orders are more consistently shipped around 2 days after printing the labels. Hopefully this system will be in affect soon.

If your order has shipped but hasn’t been scanned, it is sometimes due to my post office as they have been known to only scan one in 5 packages I drop off. This means the arrival scans do not always happen but the item is on it’s way and may scan partway to it’s destination. If you have questions about if your item has actually shipped or is still waiting to be dropped at the post office send me an email. The post office does not pick up packages at my home so I do have to drop all packages off at the facility. I do not drop off packages every day.