Ribbon Cutout Waitlist

This wait list is to organize orders for the custom cut outs with your dog’s ribbons added. The shape of the cutout is up to you and it can be any silhouette on this website or custom designed from a photo. To order a custom silhouette, simply upload the photo you’d like to use. If you have more than one photo option, email all of them to [email protected], leave the upload blank, and put that you’ll email then in the special request box.

To order a silhouette from anywhere on my website, leave the upload box blank and copy and paste the URL of the design into the special requests box.

Once it’s your turn on the wait list I will email you and send you a PayPal invoice. Please let me know if you are an international order so I can calculate accurate shipping. Once the invoice is paid I will begin your order and send you a stamp to ship your ribbons to me. The number of ribbons needed varys based on the shape but it’s roughly 20. To be safe I recommend sending around 30. Any unused ribbons will be sent back with the finished cutout. Rosettes can also be sent and I will send back the rosette heads. If you have rosettes let me know as I will adjust the stamp for a larger package.

Please submit one entry per cut out request.

The waitlist is to keep how many open orders I’m working on to a minimum so each order gets my full attention and is done in a timely fashion. I don’t have any estimates for how quickly I will move through the waitlist, but I expect that once your order is up it will be around 3 to 8 weeks to ship the finished product if I get everything I need in a timely manner.


Maximum size 10MB

Please wait...